Since Thursday, 29th of April, 2020, we are again very optimistic that the Engadin Bike Giro 2020 can take place as planned. In the past few days, there have only been positive signals from our discussions with local communities and authorities.

Here are the most important facts relevant for us and for you regarding the timetable published by the Swiss Federal Council:
> small events (less than 1000 visitors / participants) are possible before 31st of August, 2020; Details will be decided on 27th of May, 2020
> Entry restrictions are to be gradually relaxed from 11th of May, 2020
> The gastronomy may gradually reopen from 11th of May, 2020, hotels and other accommodations are to follow

There will certainly be special measures in terms of hygiene requirements, etc. in the implementation. But it is also clear that we will only run the Engadin Bike Giro 2020 under “normal and reasonable sporting conditions”.

You can register again (risk-free), gladly also in advance with a payment deadline extended until the beginning of June due to the current situation, if you feel more secure with that. We are hoping for a possible decision to hold the event by the beginning of June, since on 27th of May, 2020 the Federal Council will decide on further easing from 8th of June, 2020.

In general, this applies to all new registrations and, of course, also to registrations that have already been made: should the event be canceled due to Covid 19, we guarantee that there will be an entry fee return with a full transfer for future events or a refund.

Please register now, show your support and look optimistically into the future – as we do! Thank you very much – we look forward to seeing you!

Online registration 2020 – here we go.